Brian Moran began playing guitar in 1987, focusing on classic rock and folk music. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1998 (B.M., Professional Music, Magna Cum Laude) where he studied jazz performance, and jazz composition & arranging. Since moving to the West Coast, Brian has become a well known fingerstyle guitarist, fluent in Latin and Contemporary styles as well. Lessons are for beginner to advanced students.

“My teaching style is based on developing repertoire while learning a strong background in technique. For beginning students, we focus on basic chords and exercises, and then usually within 2-3 lessons, the student can start learning songs. In this manner, the student is playing music that is meaningful to them, while taking instrument basics and putting them to use.

For more advanced students, items to work on may include expanding chord vocabulary, chords with extensions and/or alterations, using triads and their inversions, song writing techniques, soloing, rhythms, ear training, technique (both pick style and finger style), world music guitar styles - especially Brazilian - and much more.

For the well rounded guitarist, lessons are often taught with a specific stylistic slant if requested (e.g. jazz, blues, classic rock, metal, folk, etc.)”